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150+ Apps
to customize your website

Our Current Must-haves ❤️

Our unmissable App selection to help optimise your sales

Wish list
Let your customers put their favourite products on a wish list
After checkout marketing
Boost customer loyalty after making a sale by offering customised benefits
Product Comparison
Make it possible to compare the features of any products your customers might select
Mobile contact
Customise your contact information (banner, icons, menu) on your mobile site

Turn your visitors into loyal customers

Improve your conversion rate

Shopping cart personalization
Create bespoke pages at each step of the customer order confirmation process
Wheel of Fortune
Give your customers the chance to win promo codes by letting them spin the wheel of fortune
Promotional banner
Highlight your promotional offers and programme how they are displayed (header/footer, length, time)

Attract and retain your visitors

Generate more traffic and recurring purchases

Social media share
Make your products shareable on the biggest social networks
Newsletter Subscription
Persuade your customers to subscribe to your newsletter by customising your registration field
Google Ads
Easily follow how your Google Ads campaigns are converting
Improve customer satisfaction
Increase the frequency of your customers' purchases
by increasing customer satisfaction!

Diversify your range of payment methods

Offer a choice to meet all needs

Give your customers the option of paying with Braintree, a multicurrency payment solution
Amazon Pay
Integrate the Amazon payment facility into your website
Make MangoPay available as a payment solution for your customers - and an ideal way to kickstart your business

More options to boost your website

Didn't find any interesting Apps in our previous selections ? Don't worry, we still have plenty more to show you !

Quantity box
Let your clients choose how many products they add to their basket on the product page
Breadcrumb trail
Make it easy for your customers to retrace their steps and go back through the pages they’ve visited
Back to top' button
Make it possible to return to the top of your site with a single click