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Google Ads

Easily follow how your Google Ads campaigns are converting
Google Ads
    • Allow Google Ads to quickly attract targeted visitors to your site
    • Measure the expenses and revenue generated by your ads
    • Your Google Ads Campains comply with the GDPR
  1. What's in it for you
    Finely target your ads

    Google Ads is a great lever for growth driving qualified traffic to your site. The Oxatis Google Ads application allows you to connect your Google Ads campaigns to your site while complying with the GDPR. Make sure your products are part of the top Google’s search results with Google Ads!

    Optimise your ads continuously

    With Google Ads you can optimise, reconfigure and retarget your AdWords campaigns with detailed statistics allowing you to improve the performance of your campaigns. The Oxatis Google Ads application allows for the campaign console to collect relevant traffic data on your site, whilestaying within the framework of European privacy laws.

    Respect European legislations

    Google Ads collects personal data about your visitors. With the Google Ads application, which is specially developed to be in compliance with the GDPR, you safeguard the privacy of your visitors.