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Breadcrumb trail

Make it easy for your customers to retrace their steps and go back through the pages they’ve visited
Breadcrumb trail
    • Display the breadcrumb trail on your product sheets
    • Make it easy for your guests to get their bearings
    • Make your category pages as appealing and user-friendly as possible
  1. What's in it for you
    Improve your customer experience with a smooth website navigation

    Your customers instantly know in what part of your website they are browsing. The customer can easily return or jump to another previously visited page without having to use the 'Back' button in his browser, making sure he stays on your site. Your buyer has access to his browsing history. Results: more time spent on your site and more pages visited. A visitor that lands on your product pages can now easily continue shopping and browse your site without going back to the search results.

    Optimise your SEO by structuring and internal meshing

    Google displays the categories of your site in a hierarchical format. If you combine the breadcrumb trail with good product categorisation (regrouping them by theme), Google will quickly identify the main categories. For example, if a guest clicks on an item located on your homepage, he is able to identify and browse the category the selected item belongs to. Please note: Google can display the breadcrumb trail on its results pages thereby increasing sub-category visibility (see Google Search Console configuration).