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Give your customers the option of paying with Braintree, a multicurrency payment solution
    • Optimise your shopping funnel by shortening the checkout process
    • Offer fast online payment available in 23 languages
    • Choose a trusted payment solution
  1. What's in it for you

    Nearly 60% of Internet users abandon their shopping cart if their prefered means of payment is not available (Webprospection). Offer your customers a complete payment solution, powered by PayPal, to improve their shopping journey and improve their user experience on your site.

    A complete payment solution shortening the path to purchase

    By installing Braintree on your e-Commerce site, you appeal to 200 million active PayPal users. You can cash in orders over 130 currencies for 8 different payment cards. Fully integrated in the Oxatis checkout process, your customers never again leave your site to pay for your products. The Braintree technology is developed with simplicity in mind. For example: it recognises the type of card before the customer has finished typing in his card details, efficiently shortening the checkout phase!

    Offer an optimised shopping experience for desktop and mobile users

    Your customers enjoy a seamless purchasing experience as they never leave your site! The braintree payment solution offers seamless PCI DSS compliance for secure online payments. Braintree is also perfectly suitable for mobile customers, as they only enter their card details once. When your customers come back for more, their card details are proposed by braintree, which increases conversions and customer retention!

    Improve your conversion rate with a secure payment solution

    In addition to the variety of payment methods and high security standards, Braintree is a growth driver for your online business. Take advantage of PayPal's popularity to reassure your users and attract new customers. BraintreeIt is notably the payment platform of Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc.

    About Braintree

    Braintree is a PayPal payment gateway that meets the needs of modern SMEs and large companies. Braintree integrates seamlessly with your site and gives your customers a large choice of payment methods.