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Social media share

Make your products shareable on the biggest social networks
Social media share
    • Turn your customers into powerful brand advocates
    • Maximize shares by placing your buttons in the right place
    • Be more visible on social media
  1. What's in it for you
    Tap into the power of social media

    Millennial shoppers are approximately twice as likely to buy a product they’ve personally shared on social media (ShareThis) and twenty-five percent of of this digital native generation share online shopping content to their social networks.
    Capitalise on the influence of social media and go for word-of-mouth by allowing your customers and visitors to actively discuss your products on social media.

    Gain brand awareness and e-reputation

    People trust other people’s opinions when deciding on a purchase. Place the social share buttons right next to each product and your customers will pin-it, share it on Facebook or start a thread on twitter about your product. The more people see your products and talk about them, the likelier they’ll buy it!

    Customise the display of your share buttons

    The Social media share app allows you to display sharing buttons under the item preview image in the product lists and on the product pages. Installation is quick and easy! Simply define the social media to display (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest) and their position and shape (round or square).