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Bundle configurator

499.00 €
Bundle configurator
At a glance
  • Offer the purchase in a bundle or as a single item
  • Display your bundled products in lookbook mode
  • Customise the title of the bundle and the "Add to cart" button
What's in it for you
Bundling products increases their perceived value, and also earns customer loyalty because the need to go to another site or store is reduced (Source: Bluestout). Install the Bundle Configurator app on your e-Commerce site for a real opportunity to boost your revenue.

Offer the purchase in a bundle or single item
Thanks to the Bundle Configurator app, customers can buy your items as a bundled product or purchase one of the items in this bundle individually.

Display your bundle products in lookbook mode
The Bundle Configurator app allows you to define the display mode for your bundles. Choose the "Lookbook" mode for separate purchase of bundle items, ideal for fashion sites. Opt for the "Bundle" view to allow the customer to buy the whole bundle. Activate the "Bundle + Lookbook" sales mode to link the sale of the bundle and/or separate articles.

Personalise your app to fit your brand image
Customise your Bundle Configurator app based on your branding and marketing strategy. You can even add a marketing hook to your "Add to Cart" button by changing it to something more attention-grabbing, such as ‘Buy Together’.

How to activate the app

1. Log in to your back office
2. Click on 'Add an App', and select the app
3. Configure your app

* To use this App, you need to offer packaged products and install the Bundle detail application.
 ** The price of the Bundle configurator app includes one hour of training.

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