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Bundle detail

49.00 €
Bundle detail
At a glance
  • Inform your customers about the contents of your bundle
  • Increase the visibility of your products through cross-selling
  • Customise the display and the presentation text of bundles
What's in it for you
At least 22% of all products ordered online are returned because the products do not match the description! (Source: business2community). Install the new Bundle display app now on your e-Commerce site to display accurate information to your customers regarding bundled products, reducing the return rate!

Give more information about packs
By showing the contents of your bundled products, customers can see all items in their bundle at one glance. Help your customers in their choice when purchasing a bundle with clear and detailed product descriptions.

Increase visibility and volume of sales for your products
Thanks to the Bundle display app, you can draw the attention of your customers to items in the bundles. Bundles are automatically associated with discounted prices. Use this added visibility for your products to increase your margins.

Customise the display and the descriptive text for your bundles
With the personalised display via the app, you can choose the most strategic place to present the contents of your bundle: in the checkout page or in the dynamic shopping basket. Personalise the presentation text of your bundle to attract the attention of your customers!


How to activate the app

1. Log in to your back office
2. Click on 'Add an App', and select the app
3. Configure your app