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Option display

Make your product page easier to read by highlighting product features
Option display
    • Define the type of display: labels, bulleted list, table of characteristics
    • Enable multiple displays
    • Choose the most strategic position for your labels
  1. What's in it for you

    93% of consumers consider visual appearance as the key deciding factor for their purchase (justuno, 2016). Install the new option Display App now on your product pages and make sure customers are fully confident about the quality of your services and products!

    Showcase the special features of your articles

    Adding customisable labels to your products boosts credibility for your online store. You can inform your customers clearly about the special features of your articles (eg. certification, provenance, etc.). Get your brand image known through your labels!

    Promote your items with stick-on labels

    Labels on images of your articles will help to hold the attention of your visitors; they are an important mark of distinction. Using labels will keep customers on your website, and avoid cart abandonment.

    Give customers a clear guarantee of quality or provenance

    Your labels will reassure your customers about the quality of your products and services. By taking care of your e-reputation, you will increase customer loyalty and your conversion rate. Boost customer confidence & boost your sales!