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Horizontal faceted navigation

Display your faceted filters horizontally as a header to your product listing
Horizontal faceted navigation
    • Filter displayed even when the customer scrolls down
    • Instant access to your product catalogue
    • Customize the filter display
  1. What's in it for you
    User-friendly browsing experience

    Sticky navigation bars are quicker to navigate and can reduce browsing time by 22% ( Add the Sticky faceted navigation bar to your catalogue for quick and easy navigation allowing your customers find exactly what they are looking for in no time.

    Higher conversion rates and growth

    Your visitors stay on your site because the faceted navigation bar helps them find the products they need faster and better. Your customers will never have to scroll up or hit the return button in the browser. Faster product find means higher conversions, and this means your business grows faster!

    Easy to set up

    The app is 100% compatible with the faceted navigation setup of your e-Commerce site. It automatically replaces the filters to the side. No additional configuration is required to activate your new app!