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Image hover

29.00 €
Image hoverAt a glance
  • Highlight your most beautiful zoom images
  • Deliver a better product display
  • Spike interest with dynamic content
What's in it for you

An e-merchant can increase its conversion rate by 35% by adding quality and / or interactive content (Source: The Shotfarm Product Information Report 2017). Activate the Image hover app and display a second image when your visitor hovers over it.

Optimised user experience
When moving their mouse pointer over your product images, customers view the zoom images of the selected product. Quick to set up, but lasting effects! Your site is professional, dynamic and attractive.

Improve your conversion rate
The quality of the visual content on your site can play a decisive role in purchasing.
With the image hover app, your catalogue spikes the interest of your visitors and displays the most accurate product information convincing your visitors to add the product to the shopping cart.

Increase average order value
Content with images is 94% more likely to be considered (Obelio). Efficient visual merchandising catching the attention of your browsing customers, will easily tempt them to add more to the basket.

How to activate the 'Image hover' app

1. Log in to your back office
2. Go to the App Store and click the 'Buy' button.
3. Give your products a minimum of 2 zoom images to enable the image hover

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