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Upselling and Cross-Selling - Shopping basket

149.00 €
Upselling and Cross-Selling - Shopping basket
At a glance
  • Encourage your clients to buy more products at the order stage
  • Increase your guests' average baskets by offering complementary or higher-end items
  • A new design is directly integrated into your shop's graphic layout
What's in it for you

35% of Amazon's sales revenue comes from cross-selling and upselling. Activate the suggestive sales app in your basket , and see your sales take off.

Boost your sales revenue
Use your basket as a tool to help you grow your sales revenue. Amazon, Apple, and many other eCommerce giants entice their guests to add higher-end items to their baskets.

Increase customer satisfaction
Assist your guests along the sales funnel by tuning into their purchasing intentions! Display product associations, and help your customers take advantage of targeted, relevant recommendations. Once your customer is about to confirm his order, suggest an add-on product relevant to his initial product choice. If he is buying shoes, suggest shoe polish.
Install the 'Dynamic Basket' App - also available in Oxatis' App Store – on the confirmation pop-up confirmation, and suggest accessories and upsales straight from the product sheet.

Optimise your marketing approach
Save time and improve your marketing approach by setting out criteria according to which cross-sales will be displayed:
•    number of items to display in basket
•    complementary or higher-end items
•    basket area in which products are displayed
The displays are designed to blend in perfectly with your site's design and ergonomics.


Activating the 'Suggestive Sales' App in your Oxatis shop

Click on 'Buy'; the application is automatically installed in your Oxatis shop. Choose suitable complementary/higher-end display criteria. They will match your website's colour scheme!

If you combine the 'Suggestive Sales' and 'Dynamic Basket' Apps, up-sell and cross-sell items will be displayed on the product sheet, as soon as the basket-addition pop-up confirmation appears.

/!\  For a custom designed store, please contact your adviser to confirm eligibility.

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