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'My account' button

39.00 €
'My account' button At a glance
  • The 'My account' button displays your customer's name as soon as he connects
  • Reward loyal customers with preferential treatment
  • A customer can sign out, view orders and access his account
What's in it for you

Your site is tailored to each customer

Copy the e-Commerce greats and install the 'My Account' button: your clients will see their first names and surnames displayed across the header (see order summary) from the moment they connect.


Enjoy the Application's 3 features
Customers can consult their orders and access their account via the same button. They can also sign out from their accounts from any page of the website, by clicking on the same area.

Ensure the best user experience

Strengthen your brand identity and build customer loyalty by welcoming your customers the moment they sign in.

Activating the customised 'my account' button

1. Log in to your back office
2. Click on 'Add an App', and select the app
3. Configure your app

/!\ For a custom designed store, please contact your Oxatis expert.

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