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Footer menu

19.00 €
Footer menu At a glance
  • Optimise footer design
  • Bolster footer content
  • Reassure and inform your guests
What's in it for you


Add more content to your pages
 Gone are the days of "keep it all at the top”: the footer has become a browsing tool in its own right. Use the separator to reorganise footer elements into several columns. The application allows you to add more content to you website footer: your guests and customers have direct access to your trust-building elements as well as the sections of your site you wish to highlight.   


Content diversification
Avoid just displaying a link to your payment page. Give your prospects the essential information they need (display all available payment methods). Your aim is to reassure your guest by providing contact information, so display all your contact details (email and telephone). If you have a blog, a news page, a social media presence or categories you wish to highlight, now is your chance....forge ahead!

Optimise website design

Footer-column content management is made a lot easier thanks to a separator and footer adapted to the design of your e-Commerce site. Work on making your site more appealing by attending to your strategic areas. You can add delivery and payment method logos, a newsletter block, a preview of an article.....

Activating the 'Footer'
1. Log in to your back office
2. Click on 'Add an App', and select the app
3. Set up your app

/!\ For a custom designed store, please contact your Oxatis expert to find out if this app fits into your design.


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