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Recently Viewed Products

Highlight products on your website recently viewed by other customers
Recently Viewed Products
    • Allow your customers to order products by SKU
    • Simplify the shopping journey for your customers
    • Increase the average order value with on-site remarketing techniques
  1. What's in it for you

    Your customer is more likely to buy a product after coming into contact with it at least 7 times. Install the new app that allows you to customise the recently viewed products and increase your sales!

    Increase your average order value

    Potential customers usually browse numerous products as part of their research. Reminding visitors of products and services they’ve recently shown an interest in, gives them a little nudge towards adding it to their cart!

    Offer a personalised shopping experience

    By displaying recently viewed products, your customers find they have many choices at their disposal! You arouse curiosity and encourage them to consult other products. This personalised cross selling technique is highly effective when coupled with upsell options in the shopping cart.

    Simplify the shopping journey of your customers

    By adding this app to your site, you allow your customers to easily find their recently viewed products. Your visitors spend more time browsing your products and are sure to select the product that is most convenient, leaving the customer satisfied with its shopping experience.