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Criteo One Tag

Connect your site to Criteo to better track your visitors and make use of targeted advertising
Criteo One Tag
    • Target the right customer with your advertisement
    • Understand your customers' intentions
    • GDPR Compliant integration
  1. What's in it for you
    Collect valuable information about visitors

    The Criteo integration will allow you to collect valuable information about visitors to your site. Be it the most viewed products, the most purchased products or the most visited pages; this information will help you make more effective ads.

    Increase your revenue

    With Criteo One Tag, you can display targeted advertisement at the right time, on the pages you deem most pertinent for your ads.

    Comply with the GDPR

    Criteo OneTag recueille des données personnelles concernant vos visiteurs. L’Apps, développée en conformité avec le RGPD, constitue un gage de qualité et de confiance entre vous et vos clients.