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Quick buy

Accelerate the buying process by making it possible to add items directly to a basket from your product listing
Quick buy
    • Integrate the Quick Buy button on your product pages
    • Choose the location of your Quick Buy button
    • Personalise your App with an informative lightbox
  1. What's in it for you
    Trigger immediate conversions

    When your customer clicks on the Quick Buy button a popup appears in which the customer can select the options and the quantity before being directed towards the checkout pages. They make their purchase without even going through the product page!

    Personalise your App

    Customise the popup with product descriptions or add WebBlock. You can display the Quick Buy Button under the product preview in the product list, in the upsell and cross sell sections, marketing blocks, search result pages and even in your WebBlocks. You can decide to limit your Quick Buy Button to products with options.

    Reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase your AOV

    With the Quick Buy button, your cart abandonment rate drops dramatically leaving your conversion rate to soar. New and returning customers place their orders faster and because they can select the desired quantity even before checkout, the average order value will improve too!