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Mega Menu

99.00 €
Mega MenuAt a glance
  • Build a Mega Menu in line with your style guide
  • Complete freedom over the number of columns and the width of your menu
  • Display dynamic and visually attractive representations of your menu items
What's in it for you

70% of Internet users do not come back to a site where they have encountered navigation difficulties (Statista). Enable the Mega Menu App now and offer your customers a smooth navigation experience and convert more!

Allow for easy access to your catalogue
Your menus are the gateway to your product catalogue. Your visitors want to quickly find what they are looking for! With the Mega Menu, the categories and menu items are displayed in a visually attractive manner and allow for direct access to your flagship products or promotions while making it easy for your visitors to navigate!

Build your menu around your brand image
Choose the menu width and select the number of columns you wish to display, add images representing your catalogue items and allow your visitors to quickly find the product they are looking for. You can add a second image that will enhance the experience when the visitor hovers over the menu item. You can even add a footer to the menu. Everything is possible with the Mega Menu!

The sky is the limit, design your store for more sales
Transform your visitors into buyers thanks to the efficient design of your menu integrating all e-commerce best practices. Accompany your images with a text element and display pictures of your products.  If you have a specific design idea, or need help designing efficient or original images, ask our graphic design experts to help you with your project!

How to activate the 'Mega Menu' app

1. Log in to your Oxatis back office
2. Go to the App Store and click the 'Buy' button.
3. Customise the display of your menu