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Order by SKU

149.00 €
Order by SKU
At a glance
  • Allow your customers to order products by SKU

  • Improve your customers' satisfaction with a faster order process
  • Give your customers an optimal and effective customer experience
What's in it for you
Ease of use and navigation optimisation are influential for 76% and can yield over 80% return on investment (ECN, 2016). Install the new Order by SKU app on your site and improve your customers' shopping experience!

Facilitate the purchasing process
Allowing your customers to quickly enter your product codes to purchase your items in a just few clicks, makes it easy for them to choose your site, increasing customer loyalty.

Your customers save time on your site
Your customers know what they need from your site and can save valuable time ordering by SKU. By entering your SKU codes, they place their orders quickly, without wasting time searching for products in your catalogue.

Offer an effective shopping experience
Your retail customers want to place orders on the go, fast and without needing to search for references. Deliver an optimal user experience without any obstacles, adding value to your customers' shopping journey.

Activating the app:
1. Log in to your Oxatis back office
2. Go to ‘Apps’ in the main menu and click on the 'Add an App'
3. Select, buy and configure your new application