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Flash Sale

79.00 €
Flash SaleAt a glance
  • Add a sense of urgency to your promotions
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand awareness
  • Generate more sales
What's in it for you


Boost your sales with an exciting Deal-of-the-Day sale
Clear your stock and make room for a new product line by setting up Flash Sale promotions in your product category or item pages. The limited time will create a sense of urgency leaving the customer with no choice other than to decide to buy the product now!


Create a sense of urgency and generate loyalty
The Flash Sale countdown counter creates excitement and make your customers come back for more good deals. Your customers will come back often to check what new great offer they can get their hands on. Combine your Flash Sale products with upsell and cross-sell items in the shopping baskets and see your margins go up in a flash too!

Customise your Flash Sale display 

You have complete freedom as to where to place the Flash Sale counter allowing you to set up the most efficient promotions. Whether you add a Flash Sale to a category or item, in the search results or on the home page, the effects of your customised Flash Sale will not go unnoticed by your customers or to your business.

How to activate the 'Flash Sale' App

1. Log in to your back office
2. Click on 'Add an App', and select the app
3. Configure your app for your website and mobile site

To create a flash sale, add a discount with a time limit to an item in your back office. If you need help setting up your Flash Sale, check out the online help file on this topic or contact support.