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Product contact form

39.00 €
Product contact form
At a glance
  • Communicate additional information about your products on request

  • Improve the shopping experience on your site
  • Quickly configure your application
What's in it for you
A 2017 Shotfarm market survey found that nearly a third of consumers have abandoned an online purchase because of a lack of information on the product that interested them. With the Contact Form Product app, you remedy this situation easily.

Provide additional information on request
The Contact Form Product app allows you to display a contact request button in your product listing. At the slightest hesitation or if the visitor has a specific request, the customer can immediately contact your business and ask its questions about the product.

Increase customer satisfaction
Customer loyalty increases by 30 to 50% when a bad experience is transformed into good one! (Axialys, 2018). By answering the various questions of your customers you considerably increase the user experience of your customers, which will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Customise your app
The Contact Form Product app is fully configurable. You will be able to choose the type of form to display, the text of the button, and several other parameters to customise the app to suit your specific business needs.

How to activate the app
1. Log in to your back office
2. Click on 'Add an App', and select the app
3. Configure your app for your website and mobile site