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99.00 €
In short
  • Track the online behaviour of your site visitors with Hubspot
  • Analyse your attendance statistics to optimise your site
  • Use the collected data to design targeted marketing campaigns
Know how your visitors interact with your site
Hubspot collects statistical data about the actions of your visitors on your website. Analyse their behaviour on your pages, keep track of the identity of your user and know if this visitor has chatted with you via the messaging tool before.

Increase the number of visits to your pages
The data collected by Hubspot also contains information on the number of visits, of page sessions, and the duration of your users’ visits. Analyse and act to boost the number of visits on your pages!

Fully GDPR compliant integration
Hubspot collects personal data about your customers and site visitors. The app has been developed to ask for your customers’ consent before starting to collect personal data.

Activating the Hubspot app*:
1. login to your Oxatis site
2. Click "Buy" and the app will automatically install on your site
3. Add your Hubspot account details and start.
*To ensure GDPR compliance, you must already have the "Mandatory Cookie Notification"  app installed on your site. You also need to have an account with Hubspot.

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