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Manage your feeds with the solution thatís revolutionising the market
  1. Itís no secret in business that, to sell your products, you need to take them to wherever your customers are.

    Shoppingfeed is a unique solution that connects your online store to the biggest marketplaces, advertising spaces, affiliate channels and shopping engines all over the world.

    Thanks to its various powerful tools, Shoppingfeed helps you to:

    • Keep your stock perfectly updated across your ecosystem
    • Improve your productsí visibility
    • Increase your sales substantially
    • Boost productivity, thanks to its various automation features.

    Shoppingfeed also has an assistance team standing by to help you when you need them.

    With over 1,000 channels available in more than 40 countries, Shoppingfeed can offer the feed that suits you and will help you develop your business.

    If you want to be put in contact with our partner, click the button below:

  2. Shoppingfeed offers one of the most advanced solutions on the market. Thanks to its host of features, itís easy to:

    • Handle your product data:

    Create Ďif/thení rules to manage your catalogue smartly on each of the channels you use. Add personalised fields or remove low-margin products from sale automatically in just a few clicks.

    • Publish and optimise your feeds:

    Feed configuration on Shoppingfeed is totally automated, which saves heaps of time. Our partner will help you to optimise the contents of your data exports according to the requirements of the channels you have chosen. Heard of SEO? Well, now there is SEO dedicated to marketplaces!

    • Automate your order management:

    Shoppingfeed works alongside the e-commerce solution NewOxatis. Every order placed through one of your feeds will be imported into your order management tool almost instantly. Once the order is validated by your teams, the invoice, shipping and return labels, and tracking information will be created automatically to save you time.

    • Analyse your business activity:

    Shoppingfeed gives you access to a large amount of data about your business activity: performance comparisons between the different channels used, return on investment, conversion rates, product classification by channel, and much more. In short, you have all the information you need to make the best decisions and develop your business".

    • Boost productivity:

    Now you know that Shoppingfeed offers a host of task automation features that make life easier for you. Once you have configured your settings, you can let the tool do the work. Your teams can concentrate on more important, less time-consuming tasks!

  3. #About Shoppingfeed#

    Since its creation in 2011, Shoppingfeed has been offering innovation within the shopping feed industry.

    With its global vision across all channels, Shoppingfeed provides its clients with quick access to every new trend in this ecosystem.