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Google Search Console

Connect your site to your Google Search Console account
Google Search Console
    • Increase traffic to your site
    • Analyse clicks and keywords from Google search
    • Optimise page content to gain visibility
  1. What's in it for you
    Optimise the pages of your site

    Google Search Console tells you how Google sees your site and how your pages are appearing on the search engine. Monitor your store and learn how to optimise it! Is your website content efficient? Have you improved your visibility? Which searches/keywords are landing you traffic? Search Console provides answers to these questions!

    Boost mobile-version performances

    Search Console helps you track the mobile version of your site by studying the same information as it does for your website. You also learn how to improve your mobile version: be mobile friendly!

    Increase traffic to your store

    Gain access to your guests' most recent searches in order to preempt their needs and desires. Select your items with the best Google ranking and fine-tune their pages (content, image, trust-building elements...). By concentrating on natural referencing, your site will get better search-engine results!

    About Google Search Console

    In 2005, Google created 'Google Webmasters Tools', a tool dedicated to indexing your pages for Google. In 2015, 'Google Webmasters Tools' became 'Google Search Console' and increased the size of its user base. The service is aimed at SME bosses, marketing service employees and all those who are keen on achieving better Google search engine visibility.